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Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Google Hummingbird Algorithm 2018:

Google Hummingbird Algorithm First Released on September 26, 2013

Hummingbird Algorithm Aim:

The main Aim is to provide an accurate result for users in the search engine for Search queries.


User search in search engine Like ” Best Chennai Travel Packages ” Here Travel means Tour, Trip, Holiday, Vacation Trip, So it will show the results according to queries.

Previous Hummingbird Effects:

1. Shows the Search Result is Same 2. Search Engin Shows the Keyword Based results 3. ” Search More and more ” option shows in the search result 4. User information is not use

Latest Google Hummingbird Update Effect:

1. Show the Result in the search engine according to keyword

2. Question-based Keywords (what, why, when)

3. Search engine use previous information like social shares, downloads

How to escape the Hummingbird Update and Google Penalty:

1. Quality and Original Content

2. Long Tail Keywords and LSI Keywords

3. Engage the customers by using the Structural Data

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