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Google Penguin Update 2018

Latest Google Penguin Update: Penguin Update Releasing Date: April 24, 2012 Google Penguin Algorithm Update Aim: The main aim of the Penguin update is to focus on the Back hat technic, backlinks from the Wrong Direction, Keyword Staffing, Copy content. How To escape the Google Penguin Penalty 1. Remove the …

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Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Google Hummingbird Algorithm 2018: Google Hummingbird Algorithm First Released on September 26, 2013 Hummingbird Algorithm Aim: The main Aim is to provide an accurate result for users in the search engine for Search queries. Example: User search in search engine Like ” Best Chennai Travel Packages ” Here Travel means …

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Google Panda Update 2018

Google Panda Update Release Date – February 23, 2011 Google Panda Update Aim: High-Quality Content Website is placed High ranking in the google search engine and Low-quality content website is given a low ranking. The main reason is “Content Stealing”. This means people copy the content from Good website and …

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Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

Latest Google Algorithm Updates 2018 Broad Core Algorithm Updates Broad Core Algorithm Update Release Date – August 2018 Google update and confirm the Broad Core Algorithm, Because of to improve the Search result better and relevant by the user Search queries in the search engine. This means, Google focuses on …

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